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Wunderkind Success Story: Alpargatas

This is a podcast episode titled, Wunderkind Success Story: Alpargatas. The summary for this episode is:
Who is Alpargatas?
00:38 MIN
The Alpargatas brand mission
00:25 MIN
Alpargatas came to Wunderkind to grow their brand awareness in other countries
00:22 MIN
"What Wunderkind did in a month, we couldn't achieve in a lifetime."
02:03 MIN
After seeing the success of text messaging with Wunderkind, Alpargatas is preparing a separate budget for text
01:31 MIN
Alpargatas' paid media spend is going down as their CRM share increases and they're able to move that budget to other channels, like SMS
00:49 MIN
Wunderkind's identification rate on Alpargatas' website has been "life-changing"
00:39 MIN
The support and quick implementation is one of the best parts of Wunderkind
00:33 MIN
Wunderkind helps identify anonymous users and enables Alpargatas to send better emails that generate more orders
00:39 MIN
"Now that we have Wunderkind – I'm pretty sure it's going to be the best Black Friday we ever had."
00:55 MIN
What's top of mind for BFCM this year?
01:26 MIN
Does Wunderkind help with your re-targeting strategy?
00:33 MIN
"My experience with Wunderkind has been awesome."
00:51 MIN

Today's Guest

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Gabriela Lopes

|CRM and Content Performance Manager, Alpargatas

My name is Gabriela. I work for Alpargatas, more specifically to Havaianas, the brand. Havaianas is like Band- Aids, the name of the brand that ended up becoming the name of the category. In Brazil, it's the same thing. I'm wearing Havaianas. I'm wearing a flip- flop. Havaianas equals Flip- flop. And our mission is to make sure that we can improve the brand awareness because, in Brazil, it's very famous, but we want to make sure that we can make it more famous worldwide. The Brazilian heritage, for sure, is something that we want to communicate better, and make sure that everybody gets, and make sure that it's affordable for all publics. We used to say in Brazil, and not only in Brazil but also for other countries, that Havaianas is for everyone. So everyone can wear Havaianas at any time because Havaianas it's a heritage. It's been with Brazilians for all the time, and now we're trying to bring that feeling to other countries. The biggest challenge, by far, it's related to brand awareness. We need to make sure that Havaianas is famous in other countries as well, and making sure that it will happen has been such a big challenge for us when it comes to all channels. We have paid media, so we use paid search. We have Facebook. We have organic social. We have CRM, which is the one that we work with when it comes to Wunderkind. We have SMS. We have some marketplaces as well, but we will rather improve our own channels. Wunderkind has been helping us by supporting a lot when it comes to reducing the efforts to make sure that we can concentrate and focus on everything that matters the most. So for instance, before Wunderkind, we were working to implement 20 trigger journeys to make sure that we can optimize users' lifecycle. And it's been such a challenge because implementing trigger journeys means that we need the dev team. We need marketing cloud specialists. We need more money. We need more time. We need creatives. It's so hard. And after all, any of these 20 journeys were working not properly. So we decided to call Wunderkind and understand what we could do when it comes to optimizing the identification rate on the website when it comes to being able to send out abandoned card emails, and after all, Wunderkind did in one month while we couldn't do our entire life because now instead of having 20 journeys that do not work, we have Wunderkind to help us with the six most important journeys, and these journeys in a daily basis, they drive us 60% of our revenue, our CRM revenue. So this is mostly how Wunderkind has been helping us, not only when it comes to revenue and trigger journeys, but also when it comes to subscription rates, because since we implemented Wunderkind, our subscription rate in a daily basis increased at 30%. When it comes to text messages, Wunderkind helped us a lot as well because we have a very low volume of users with phone numbers in the database. So since the beginning, we thought, " Okay, let's try to implement it because we need it." However, we were not expecting these text messages to have the impact that they did because, after a while, the conversion rate is extremely great. Almost all users open the SMSs. And right now, SMS is doing so great that we're trying to balance emails and SMS. And our plan moving forward is to be able to stop sending that many on- demand emails and start balancing a little more with SMS because it's doing very well. So just an example here, we tried testing an email and a text message, so both with the same content, almost an A/ B test, and we tried to send the email to more people because we have more emails in the database, and we try to send SMS with the same content once more to the lower volume of users that we have. And we ended up having three times more transactions through SMS. So SMS, for sure, is our next goal when it comes to digital growth. We are planning to have a separate budget for SMS because we've seen its potential and everything, of course, with Wunderkind. Right now, when it comes to the budget split, we're trying to get part of the budget that we used to spend through paid media to SMS because we used to give a lot of money. The media budget was super high when it comes to paid media. However, as the time goes by and we're able to increase the CRM share with Wunderkind, we don't have to pay that much anymore because we have other channels that are working more. And what we're doing right now, we're trying to get part of the budget that we got from paid media to use for SMS because we're not paying in that much for emails, right? So what we can do now, get this money to spend on text messages and think about our plan to the next year. The best point from Wunderkind is the ability that Wunderkind has to identify users to keep track of users, because sometimes you'll take a very long time to try to impact users, and try to work on developments on the website, and try to look for different ways of understanding and being able to send emails, but it would not work. Sometimes, you need something else. So Wunderkind has this thing that we didn't know that we could have, right? So this identification rate on the website, for sure, is life- changing. It was, in my opinion, the best part of Wunderkind. And in my opinion, the second- best part is the support that we have. Because the customer service, everybody that you talk to you will work to implement, and throughout the implementation, they're very supportive. They help with pretty much everything. It's a very quick implementation. And it doesn't stop there. Once it's implemented, it works really well. And if it doesn't, they'll be there anytime. Anytime you need, you can call them. They reply within 10 minutes or something, and Wunderkind support, yeah, in my opinion, it's the second most important thing. Before Wunderkind, let's say that a user goes to the website. When they go there, they leave a product in cart. We're not able to match their email with the ID that left the product in cart. That being said, we cannot send any abandoned cart emails, which really helped us was that Wunderkind they have this very smart tool that help us identify anonymous users. This means that if any user go to the website, they can be tracked. Once they can be tracked, we can deliver more meals, and these deliveries will generate more sessions, which will generate more orders, and there it goes. What we're really excited this year about Black Friday is that all the past years, we didn't have the journeys running. We didn't have them running properly. And now that we have Wunderkind, now that we're actually able to keep track of these users and find these users, we believe that Black Friday is going to be pretty nice. And this happens because our journeys are based on triggers, of course. And Black Friday is the moment where our users are most working on these triggers. They will go to the website. They will search. They will abandon cart. They will abandon product. They will just do the activities on the website. And now that we have Wunderkind, I'm super positive because we can identify these users. We can send out these emails. We can send out these texts. And I'm pretty sure that it's going to be the best Black Friday we ever had. I would recommend for sure that these brands, they invest in more journeys, especially because Black Friday is such a moment that everybody is busy at some point, so we need to make sure that all the automations are there and are running properly. So for sure, I would rely on this trigger journey, especially because we have many things happening on the website. The movement of the website is really great. I would use this moment as well to try to capture as many leads as possible, because keep in mind that many people, they will be on the website, so they will generate sessions, and it's a very great time to capture new leads. When it comes to Havaianas, for instance, we are very seasonal brand because flip- flop you cannot wear on winter. Actually, you can, but most people are not that likely to buy throughout the winter. So Black Friday is the third month that we rely the most when it comes to sales. I will rely for sure on trying to get as many subscribers as possible. And I think that exclusive benefits are a very important channel as well. A very important way of retaining these customers because this is the moment that we have to let them know that they're special. Especially because in the U. S. market, we have so many promotions running. And most of the users, they are more willing to buy sales. Right now, yes. We have some repurchase banners on the website, so we have two codes available. First one for visitors. Second one for customers. If I haven't made a purchase yet, I'll go there. And there's a sidebar pop- up saying the code that user needs to take in case they haven't made a purchase. However, if I have made a purchase, there will be another code there for these users as well. My experience with Wunderkind has been awesome. Wunderkind is a very nice partner when it comes to all standpoints, so they will take care of the full operation. They will take care the up funnel when it comes to acquisition because it will increase as well your subscriber rate. They will help you as well with the lower funnel in case you need to work on any triggers or send out emails or SMS. Wunderkind is there for the entire funnel, and not only when it comes to content, but Wunderkind is going to be there to support you with anything you need. So any new projects that you would like to come up with, A/ B testing, new channels that you would like to implement, just like we did with SMS, Wunderkind is totally open to hear and to help us with anything that we need.