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Wunderkind Success Story: Neurohacker Collective

This is a podcast episode titled, Wunderkind Success Story: Neurohacker Collective. The summary for this episode is:
01:19 MIN
We Attract a Really Educated Consumer
00:38 MIN
Wunderkind Is a Really Robust Partner
00:56 MIN
I Know Wunderkind Is There to Capture and Engage
00:21 MIN
Wunderkind Knows How to Maximize Conversions and Revenue
00:34 MIN
I Haven't Found a Company With the Level of Support Wunderkind Brings
00:32 MIN
The Growth on SMS Is Explosive
00:27 MIN
Wunderkind Adapts to Help Us Serve up Various Promotions
00:27 MIN
Utilizing Wunderkind for Your Loyalty Program
01:25 MIN

Today's Guest

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Lauren Alexander

|Senior VP, Marketing, Neurohacker Collective

Hi, I'm Lauren Alexander, head of marketing at Neurohacker Collective. We're best known for our Qualia supplements, specifically Qualia Mind. We released it in 2015. It put the company on the map. It's known in the biohacker community as the gold standard for brain supplements. Since then, we've been on a rapid release trajectory of releasing supplements in new categories such as longevity, anti- aging, skin, digestion, as well as vision, and it's been really exciting to kind of expand and grow the company and various strategies from content to paid media to influencers. Honestly, we have a very value- based company. We're really deep in our passion to help humanity. We really believe that our products are making a difference in people's lives, and really from every detail, from ingredient sourcing to how we manufacture, we keep that ethic in mind. I've worked for a lot of organizations. I've never encountered one with such depth when it comes to really, truly wanting to serve people and make people's lives better. Our customers are very health conscious, very educated. We started out in the niche of a biohacker community. And biohackers, they track their sleep, they track their steps. They're taking genomics tests and blood work in order to optimize their health. And since then we've expanded to people who are health conscious, but maybe not that in depth. Our supplements are extremely high quality and really complex, and so people really appreciate the science behind it. So we attract a really educated consumer because of the thought that goes into our formulas. Well, what I love about Wunderkind is that they're just a really robust partner. I've been a partner with them since 2019, and I kind of chose the strategy to grow with them and grow with one big partner. I think that the fact that they have so many big brands as well as little brands. When I was a fledgling brand, like working with them, being able to leverage some of that business knowledge and learn how to personalize my messaging, learn how to capture customers in the right way at the right time. These were the things that I wanted to have a partner that could really support me soup to nuts, and that's what Wunderkind does. The strategies and insights that the Wunderkind team continues to bring to the table and continue to bring up opportunities and innovate our channel has been amazing and has really contributed to the growth of the business. I don't really view Wunderkind in that dimension. I kind of think of as my traffic grows, I have this net. And so I'm just preparing as I bring in more traffic. I know that Wunderkind's there to catch and capture and engage that additional traffic. As a marketer, I really want to make sure that I'm serving the best message at the right time to the right person and ultimately engage in a way that can result in a sale. At the end of the day, it's my job to grow revenue for the company. And what's great about Wunderkind's technology is they really have the science down to serving up the correct message on a behavioral and a personal way to maximize conversions and revenue for my company. I think that the thing that impresses me the most about Wunderkind is the service. They really are on call all the time, and it really feels at this point like they're part of the Neurohacker Collective team. And it's hard when you're working with a third party company in that way to find such support. I haven't found a company like that, so Wunderkind can really stands out in that way of just really being an internal arm to my company. Our relationship with Wunderkind was evolving a lot this year because of SMS and how explosive the growth is on SMS. And it's interesting because every year there's some kind of new dimension with Wunderkind that's growing in different areas, and so it's been a great partnership because they've grown with us and been able to adapt in real time with what's going on in the marketing landscape. Yeah, I mean, Wunderkind does a really great job supporting our ad hoc promotions if you will, integrating them in the behavioral emails. And so they've been really a great partner that way. So that a customer, we have our ongoing campaigns, but they're also, if we're in a really juicy promotion, Wunderkind is adapting and serving up that promotion as well. With our loyalty program, we utilize email and SMS via Wunderkind mostly. So as a marketer, I've constantly testing new ways to increase loyalty, to increase retention. As someone responsible for revenue, this is one of the easiest ways to maximize revenue is an existing customer rather than going out and capturing new customers all the time. But one of the things that this year was really humbling is we released a new product last year, Qualia Analytics, and it has 15% higher loyalty than any other SKU, and it just came out of the box that way because of the positioning and what the product does. And I've been trying to apply those same strategies to other SKUs, but in some ways the product really does drive that loyalty beyond what we can do as marketers. And so one of my key insights seeing that huge difference is to get involved in product development process. And not every marketer can do that at their organization, but even if they can just get a seat at the table and vocalize some things that customers value from reasons people are repeat buying, I really think that it could make a real big influence on loyalty.